Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Canvas

Many of you have heard that my Grandma passed away last week.  She was a sweet lady who was almost 80 years old and had suffered with dementia for the last couple years.  It wasn't a shock when she passed and I know she is in the arms of Jesus.  But it is still hard to let someone go... even though I know I will see her again in heaven one day. 
 Here is a picture of Grandma with Eden about 4 1/2  years ago.  :-))

This last week has been one of reflection and some down time.  I really tried to unplug last             week for a couple extra days and spend some time creating.  Painting and designing really is a               therapy for me as I slow down and unwind.  In that time I made this canvas that I've had brewing in my creative mind for quite some time.
I first stamped words for God all over the canvas, then added soft layers of paint.  I also added some glitter and then made the heart in the center from some pulp paper that I had.  It turned out beautifully and now hangs in my bedroom as a reminder of my sweet Lord and Savior who is with me as my sheild, strength and hope.

In Christ's presence,

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