Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi there!

Here is a tutorial on how to make this wonderful ART Journal page!

 I saw something similar on Pinterest and was totally inspired to create this page using my own materials that could be easily replicated. :))

Here we go.... :0))))

First off I started with an old book.  This one was from the 80's and was about England.  :)  It's about 8.5" x 11" in size and has been great for working on.  I used masking tape in a 1.5" width and ripped pieces off the roll and randomly stuck them all over the book pages.

Next I primed the tape/book page with white gesso.

Using Glue and Seal, I brushed some onto the book page near the bottom then placed white tissue paper on top.  I brushed the tissue paper flat with the Glue & Seal and made sure it had crinkles and texture.  I also shaped the top of the tissue to look like rolling hills. 

I added a second layer of tissue on top of the first layer to give more dimension. 

I took some Dreamweaver paste and, using a spatula, I lathered a generous amount to the TOP of the page- probably the top 2.5".  I then used the Ranger Texture Tool #3 and starting at the top, dragged the texture tool through the paste down towards the bottom of the page -- which gave long streaky marks.  I didn't put paste all over the page because when I drag with the Texture Tool it skips and pulls paste from the top down to the middle in more of an imperfect way, looking like a rainy sky. I let all these steps dry. 

Using Tim Holtz Distress Paints in Walnut, Vintage Photo and Forest Moss, I lightly painted the bottom hills where the tissue paper was glued on.  I sprayed lightly with water to help the paints move and blend.  Let dry. 

I lightly dabbed Black Soot Distress Stain onto the edges of the page and added a bit of water on a paintbrush to blend the stain.  With the tissue paper it looks neat how the paints and stains puddle in the creases.  

Using peacock Feather Distress Paint I brushed it onto the middle section of the page.  I used a wet paint brush and also sprayed water onto the peacock paint to help it move and blend.  I kept my paint strokes vertical to blend in with the rain looking paste base layer.  I didn't go too close to the hills because I wanted some white space in there. 

Now I took Mermaid Lagoon Distress Paint and starting at the top of the page, blended the paint down into the Peacock Feather paint.  I tried to keep the top of the page darker and get lighter towards the center.  

Here is what it looks like so far.

I die cut the Umbrella Man Sizzix die using glossy paper.  I also cut four extra umbrellas from the glossy paper.  I painted on a thin layer of blending solution onto my glossy paper before putting on the alcohol inks.  I find it blends the inks better.  Then using Espresso,  Teakwood and Sunset Orange Alcohol inks, I dropped ink onto the die cuts and watched the colors mix.  At this point you can use as mush or little of a color depending on that outcome you want. 

For the last few steps.... I used my ink distressing tool and gently rubbed Walnut Stain ink on the edge of the pages.  I hot glued on my title.  And Lastly hot glued on my Umbrella Man and umbrellas. :))

I hope you are inspired to create!
Happy Scrappin,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Marion Smith COLOR LAB sprays!

Here is a layout using the Marion Smith Color LAB SPRAYS!!  yes I love them... I made up 21 bottles of different colors last week!  It was so fun and super EASY to play with the colors and create gorgeous sprays.  Seriously anyone can do this.  :))))

I sprayed right on the page, after I used paste and stencils, to give the splotches of color.  And I also sprayed some flat white flowers different tones of sprays.  I love how pretty they turned out. :)

Another thing I like about this product, when I sprayed the flower once it was soft and pretty.  But when i kept spraying the same flower, the color grew more vibrant and intense.  So really, it's like having a few colors in one bottle, light and dark!  I love it!

I still have some Marion Smith Starter kits available!  $34.99 (plus tax) gets you the color recipes, the 5 main color pigments, 3 sparkle pigments, three spray bottles and a scoop. It's a great deal!  Marion Smith's packaging says you get 30+ bottles of spray from the pigment pots... I'm saying more like 60+ !!  This stuff goes a long way and you need so little to make a colored spray.

I'm giving this product a two thumbs up!
Happy Scrappin,


PS-- on the attached photo you can see the sprays I've made so far... most are from the Marion Smith recipe book.  Yet I did make THREE of my own colors and name them!  You are welcome to use my recipes and replicate them as well. :))