Monday, January 16, 2012

My sweet Trinitee

My sweet Trinitee is not only the apple of my eye and my precious pumpkin doodle... but she is also super creative and talented!  Here are some cards that she made using my new Owl Cricut Cartridge.  Sooo cute!

Hard to believe those cards where made by an 8 year old!!

And she finished this canvas off today as well.  She made this canvas for friends of ours, Jeff and Wendy Hinton.  About a month ago they lost their 8 year old daughter and it's been tough for all of us to deal with.  We met Kallie and her parents when she and Trinitee were in the same class in Kindergarten at Austin Road Elementary School.  Trinitee instantly be-friended this sweet little girl as did the entire class.  Kallie was one of those shining stars of a little girl.  Most often with a smile on her face and dressed in her mom's favorite color, pink.  We loved this little girl dearly.  She had such a special place in our hearts and will forever more.  We all look forward to the day when we will see her dance and jump and do cart wheels in heaven.  We miss you Kallie and we hope you continue to shine your precious love in heaven till we all get there. 

The photo is from Trinitee's brithday party last February.  Kallie never missed a party.  :-))

What a wierd month it has been...

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