Monday, December 19, 2011


One of the great perks I'm finding from my two 8 for 8 layout clubs is that I'm getting lots of layouts done!  I like to have a layout ready to demo to the ladies as I teach them... it helps them visualize what I'm talking about and gives me a sample to try my techniques on.  Plus... I get some extra layouts done!  I think I'm only about a year and a half behind... okay maybe two years.  But I have jumped around a bit to fit the right pictures with the layout I'm demo'ing. 

This layout was inspired from the "Hello Wonderful World" layout I did in Nov for my Group A. 

This layout is also from the "Hello Wonderful World" sketch but I tweeked it a bit for my Group B which we did in December.  And yip, one cool layout!

This layout is scraplifted from my "Whoo's Cute" layout that I did in December for my Group A.  The dots on the background are actually candle wax that I dripped all over the page.  It looks super awesome!

Merry Christmas!

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