Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inspired by May Belle

Okay so May Belle is such a creative amazing crafter!  I love her designs, they are so fun and cute... hey just like her!

May Belle was over a while ago and she showed me this cool slider card that has a changing picture in the circle window when you slide the card open.  So I tried and tried and tried and had such a tough time making these cards!!  It wasn't the fun stuff on the front... it was the measuring and punching and figuring out exactly where that window needs to be.  Trust me, even with the sample she left me, I wasted a lot of paper!

Trinitee even said to me at one point... "I guess this is May Belle's thing (the foldy funky cards) and not yours."  Yes my daughter!!!  Okay yeah she's right.  Give me glitter and swirls and glimmer mist and vintage and I'm in.  but all this brain power to figure out a window cards... yeah it's not my thing.

But I persisited and came up with this card.  The pictures aren't great at showing what it really does, so you'll have to come over some time and I'll show it too you.  :-)))


See how the orange window picture changed... cool hey!?

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