Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wasn't that a PARTY!!

Yup it's a classic 80's song.... I think! lol!! Our retreat this past weekend was 80's themed!!

And we even threw in a Murder Mystery with the meals. It was incredible to see the ladies get into their characters! We have some serious drama queens in our midst ladies! lol :)) Take a look at some of the costumes... and cute faces. :)) it was optional to dress up. :))

I was Paula Abdul! lol!! I tried and tried to back comb my hair and get it all poofy... and Heather said it didn't look much different than normal! lolllll :))

Thanks so much to HEATHER for all her amazing help this weekend. I love ya girl!!

And to WANDA who made us mini book kits, nametags, did demo's and was our resident technique guru... thank you! I love ya too!

Like totally, you like totally gotta come to a retreat! (yes that was my 80's talk!)

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