Monday, August 18, 2014

OK Gleaners

The last TEN days have been filled with FUN!!! Many of you have heard me talk about the OK Gleaners in Oliver BC. Well we just got home from the OK Gleaners yesterday!!

The OK Gleaners is a non-profit organization takes left over vegetables from BC growers/farmers and with volunteer power, they chop the veggies, dry them, and make them into a dry soup mix. This soup mix is sent out globally through relief organizations such as Red Cross and World Vision to third world countries to aid in global starvation/poverty. The OK Gleaners produce about 5000000 (yes million!!) dry soup servings a YEAR!! Once the soup package arrives at the needy family, they simply add water, boil it and serve. It is chalk full of nutrition! :-))

We heard a story of a Prince George couple that arrived at an orphanage in Africa that houses about 170 children this past May 2014. That day the kitchen staff of the orphanage knew they had nothing left to feed the children or themselves. The shelves were bare, the fridge completely empty. This Canadian couple arrived with OK Gleaners soup!! Enough to feed the children that day and many more to come! This soup really is saving lives. :-))

Last fall at my retreat I sold raffle tickets to a Tim Holtz Vegabond machine with all proceeds going to the OK Gleaners. It was pretty cool to drop off $332 in cash to this wonderful organization!! Thanks to all the ladies that bought tickets to help support this wonderful organization!!

If you want more info on the Gleaners and how to support them by volunteering or donating check out their website:

Here is a picture of our Family Mission Team 2014 :-))))


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