Monday, February 6, 2012

Tin Tape Technique and layout

This next layout for my 8 for 8 layout clubs is super cool!  I am having so much fun coming up with cool things we can do as NEW techniques on our layouts!  I'm inspired.  :-))

So this layout has a few techniques.  :-)))   First off we will use tin tape and stick it over the chipboard letters that are glued to light cardboard to make these neat looking tags.  We'll finish them off with alcohol inks and wham!  Awesome tags that look incredible.

We are also going to try the packing tape technique.  First we'll apply a layer of packing tape to our patterened paper.  Then we'll let it soak for about 20 minutes.  Once it's nice and goopy, we'll gently rub the paper off the packing tape to get a tape that is transparent with the print being the patterened paper we used.  Ohh I can't wait to show you this fun idea!

My transparent packing tape is the dot print and the words print. 

See you soon!

************SORRY THIS PHOTO IS OUT FOR PUBLICATION*********************

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